My Way or the Highway

A stranger gives you a ticket to anywhere. Where would you go?

Most people would make the decision based on their dream place like the beaches of Cancun or the “City of Love.” The question is, would you ask God where He wanted you to go?

Many Christians have the false belief that once you cross the line of salvation you have “Hell insurance” and you are all set on the path to Heaven no matter what you say, how you act, and what you think. God has forgiven you of your past so it doesn’t matter what you do from here on out because God will forgive you. A pastor once asked his congregation, “For those of you who believe that, what if you’re wrong?”

Hell is real. As much as Father doesn’t want us to go there, the Bible is very specific about what will and what will not inherit His kingdom.

God is love. Some people get confused and ask, “If God is love then why does He send people to Hell?”

I’ve asked myself this very question many times before, but I finally got a revelation. God does not send us to Hell, we buy the ticket. We dwell in the ways of the world and we let the world come between us and our relationship with God. There was a time when Hell was the only option, but because God is love He sent Jesus, His Beloved, to give us another option.

Praise God, we now have another route! The way is narrow and less traveled, but it is a way if you choose to walk it. God even gives us a map telling us how to get there, how wonderful is that? It may mean making some changes. You may have to drop a few bags and cut a few ties. I know I have had to make changes, but Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice, I think I can make a few sacrifices so that His gift was not given in vain.

You were given a ticket when you were born. It’s a ticket of life. The ticket takes you on the journey.

A wise man once told me that “Life is not about the destination, it’s about the trip.” The journey that you choose to take will tell you where you will end up. So maybe it is time to look at yourself and ask, “Where am I going” before you get lost. Don’t worry, if you do get lost I know the perfect GPS. God’s Personal Service.

So a stranger gives you a ticket to anywhere. Where will you go?

Choose the narrow way.

God Bless!


Matthew 7: 13-14


In the Field

By Leah Jordan Meahl


Down the concrete bleachers I bound

Finally thankful that no one’s around

The evening air is cool and damp

As I follow the glowing streetlamps

Passing through a chain link fence

Leaving behind a world so intense

Now I am all alone

Channeling a realm unknown

I speak to the air and let it drift away

Like a message in a bottle to be found someday

Though in the silence I feel a presence like no other

That’s peaceful and warm like the arms of a mother

I circle and circle leaving my trail

Of glistening footsteps telling my tale

Oh how often I circle this field

Having no worries with God as my shield

I gaze up at the moon and stars above

Just bathing the power of His love

It is here that I come to rest in Him

When the world starts to make my light grow dim

It is here I find Him who makes me whole

His hand healing the ache in my soul

I bid the moon and stars goodnight

Knowing that Jesus is holding me tight

Until next time to the field I go

To my sanctuary, there’s no better place I know.


Unanswered Prayer

“I hate unanswered prayers,” I heard a wise woman say in the face of disappointment. As much as i sympathized with her I was reminded of a conversation I had with someone close to me. We will call him Sam.

Despite our close relationship, Sam and I had very few conversations about God. When we did speak of it, I felt discouraged by his point of view.  I remember him saying something along the lines of “God picks and chooses whose prayers He’s going to answer.” No doubt Sam was speaking from life experience.

I believe that kind of thinking stems from repetitive hurt and disappointment. It’s normal to pray time and time again and not see God work. As a result we tend to lose faith, but can we really allow an inkling of doubt to interfere with believing that God is in control?

I remember saying in response to Sam’s statement, “OR God answers all prayers just not when we want and the way we want it.” That was it at the time, but if I could I would explain it more to him.

Scientifically, as humans, we only use approximately 10% of our brain. If that is the case, how can we possibly understand how God conducts His business? How can we even expect to fathom a being who could allow us to use the other 90% of our brain if He wanted us to?

In the Bible, the prophet Isaiah tells us that our thoughts or not His thoughts and our ways are not His ways. So obviously our logic is not His logic. Humans are flawed, sinful, and downright simple compared to God. If God ran the show like we wanted Him to A) He would be a below average God and B) Everyone would be considered a god.

If we were supposed to understand the workings of God then we would have no need for faith or trust. We can’t expect to have all of our questions answered which is why we are asked to lean not on our own understanding. God sees the big picture, we don’t even see the frame.

There is a reason the Bible says time and time again, “Have faith and know that I am God.” It is frustrating to have your most heartfelt prayers seem to go unanswered, but Satan is the one saying that God doesn’t care about your prayers.

I firmly believe that God answers all prayers in His own way and that it will be the best for us. The book of Matthew says, “Ask and it will be given, seek and you shall find.”  I don’t believe in a God that says, “Maybe if you prayed harder…” or “Sorry maybe next time.” I believe in a God that makes all of His children a priority. When we ask God about the desires of our hearts, He asks in return for faith to know that He will come through.

In this we need to come to Him like children, praise Him for being our Father, ask of Him, thank Him for what He will do, and have faith that He will do it.

God Bless


Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 46:10, Matthew 7:7, Isaiah 55:8-9