Stop Reading My Blog

I completely agree. No amount of devotions, journals, blogs, and articles will ever replace the significance of reading God’s word. The Bible is God’s blog to the world; therefore, we should read it and share it to the world like a viral video.

Maci Shingleton

photo (10)Ebola, homosexuality, Isis, singleness, suicide, what do you guys want me to write about? Give me the controversial topics and I’ll tackle it. With the help of my strong Christian beliefs, my mediocre writing skills, and my golden opinions, I am prepared to give you a Christian worldview to adopt. It is obvious that a lot is going on in the world. Lucky for you, there is a team full of Matt Walshes and Christian college student bloggers, such as myself, ready to get you through it.


Facebook has become an endless feed of blogs being shared. Nothing is wrong with that, but the opposing and loud and never ending opinions stress me out.

I am burdened by how often I hear believers say to one another, “I read this blog about such and such that was so powerful” or “There’s this blog you should read, I’ll send it…

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