The Potter and the Clay

“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isaiah 64:8

He sits on his stool in the dimly lit workroom along a strip of specialty shops; an empty pottery wheel waits patiently for its new project. The muddy clay lands on the wheel with a solid THWACK! Two strong hands immediately cup around the block and soften the edges. He scoops a handful of water and bathes it over the clay just as the wheel begins to spin. Within moments it grows spiraling in the form of a tornado, but with the elegance of a blooming flower. His hands glide around and around the evolving mold like a graceful dancer sweeping through the air. The wet clay begins to take form: the base narrow, but expanding until it looks as though it grew broad shoulders. To him, a baby had just entered into the world, its little fingers and toes so perfect and beautiful, but with much needed growth.

Combing his fingers through the clay, the mold took shape coiling with fancy ridges. Before he knew it, a large vase sat before him anxious to be used. He gives it a beautifully intricate trim and finishes the masterpiece with his personal stamp of approval crediting his work to him and him alone. He grips the vase firm but gentle as if he were holding an infant as he removes it from the wheel. Before it could be made perfect it had to spend some time in the kiln. The fires attack the vase absorbing every bit of moisture sealing its form and creating it to stand strong. The vase comes out of the kiln warm, dry, and without a single crack. He proudly strokes the vase, glazing it to emphasize its beauty to a point he could see his own reflection.

On display for all to see, people pass some with second glances others too busy to notice. Eagerly he tries to reach out to people, offering his work to those that have a need. The vase merely sits in the window and waits, for how can it work without he who gives it a purpose?

One day an earthquake rattles the town startling every shop owner and passerby. The vase trembles and tumbles off of its pedestal. On contact the rumbling ground slices through its thick clay walls forcing it to fall apart. He winces in sorrow as he inspects the damage. The storm had gone as quickly as it came leaving him on his knees cradling his broken creation.

In pieces, the vase can be of no use to him, but instead of brushing them aside and starting anew, he searches for every last shard.  Delicately, he picks up each broken portion and returns them to the workbench. Knowing his perfect design, he starts at the foundation and begins gluing and piecing back together the vase. His steady hands fill each crack and sliver with glue until every piece could hold itself together. With passion and determination, his vase stands before him once again fully restored and ready to be used. Looking stronger and shinier than ever, he hands his masterpiece to another knowing that it will finally be fulfilling its perfect design.

God Bless!



God’s Weakness

There are moments in my relationship with God where the Holy Spirit lays a finger on me. Just the tiniest touch from God brings tears of joy to my eyes and puts me on my knees in worship. These are the moments where I am reminded how much I love God and more importantly, how much God loves me.

One church service I was contemplating factors that keep non-believers and even believers from pursuing a relationship with Christ. Most of the time people bring up questions like “If there is a God, then why hasn’t he taken care of me?” or “If God is so loving, why are there innocent children hurting in the world?” Those questions used to stop me in my tracks because I didn’t know how to answer them. I often asked those questions myself, and because I had no answer I was left discouraged.

During this particular service (that I wasn’t listening to apparently) I got the sudden urge to write. It was as if these thoughts were about to explode from my mind if I didn’t immediately get a piece of paper! I ended up using the church bulletin to capture the explosion. I felt as though God were speaking them into my heart at that moment and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Who are we to question whether God is doing His job correctly? He generously gave us the gift of freewill and because we are flawed human beings, we abuse it. Believe me when I say that God did not create a flawed universe, but Satan ushered sin into our lives so that we would bring chaos to the world.

God does not make us sin. The Bible tells us that God doesn’t even tempt us to sin. We are born into sin so it is our job to rid the sin from our lives through the power of Jesus Christ. The sin of others causes innocent people to hurt. If you have a fragment of belief that God loves us, trust that Jesus weeps over His children especially those who are hurting.

In all honesty and love, rather than asking “God, why?” we should be praying, “Lord, forgive me of my imperfections and help me to trust Your plan.”

This humbling revelation forced me to look at Job in the Bible. Job was innocent and righteous and Satan hated that. The test was to bring Job to his knees in pain and see if he would still look to God for help. If you read Job you’ll know that God put Job in his place when He needed to.

There are many verses in the Bible that demonstrate God’s power and might. In my opinion, if God were to have a weakness, it would be His unconditional love for us. Even though we curse Him, disobey Him, and even run away from Him, He is still willing to forgive us and let us into His kingdom. Though He certainly doesn’t have to, I thank God for his constant mercy in my life and I hope you will too.

God Bless,


1 Corinthians 1:25, Isaiah 55:8, Job 40 and 41, 2 Timothy 2:26, John 3:16