Simple as a Child, Sincere as a Disciple

Over the weekend I was privileged to sing with my school’s traveling group at a church for a Sunday evening service. During the invitation, people were encouraged to come down to the front  “do business” with God in whatever way they needed to.

As we sang, two little girls probably close to ages 5 and 3 walked hand in hand, eager to pray. I watched as they knelt at the alter, covering their eyes with their hands and praying. For all I know, the girls had no idea what they were doing.

What must have been going on in their minds at that moment?

They demonstrated the child-like faith and love that Jesus talks about. How simple it was for them to jump out of their seat and get on their knees in a prayer they probably had no clue they were praying.

We need to be able to come to Jesus as boldly as those two girls did even if we don’t know what we are doing.  It is the job of a disciple to come to Jesus simply as a child.

God bless!



Published by Leah Jordan Meahl

I'm just here to cheer you on your journey! But more specifically, I'm encouraging you to deepen those roots and grow in the knowledge, the faith, and the love of Jesus the Messiah.

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