Lone Wolf

By Leah Jordan Meahl


I am the first star of dusk,

Waiting for the others to join me,

But they’re still light-years away.


I am the bear in hibernation,

Awakening from sleep,

But with no one keeping me warm.


I am the bird in V formation,

Flying south for winter,

But I prefer the cold.


I am the unending echo

Singing through the canyon,

But no one responds to my cry.


Will the sun do more than mark the day?

Or can I just sleep away this solitude,

But the choice is not my own.



Ecclesiastes 4:9-12


Donald Trump: Choose Love

Friday, January 20th, 2017.

That morning you were doing one of two things: watching the Presidential Inauguration or not watching it.

As for my family, we sat around our TV and watched history being made. It was the first inauguration that I was actually interested in seeing. I don’t have a taste for politics in general, but I’m finally at an age where I can appreciate a new President being sworn in without thinking of it as an incredible bore.

With all of the negativity going around lately, I’d like to challenge you to a new way of approaching this change in our country.

President Donald Trump is a flawed human being just as all our presidents have been in the past. And just as it’s been whenever a new leader comes into office, the country can go in many directions whether for good or bad.

Our new President is more capable than we or the media give him credit, and we have no idea of the potential good he can do for the American people. But a hashtag claiming that he’s not our president does not change the fact that he actually is (unless you get citizenship in another country).

Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

Romans 13:1 (NLT)

I know that Trump paints himself in less than a good light. I don’t care for some of the things he’s said or done, but I want to choose to look at the Higher power in control. At the inauguration, prayers were read that our new President gain the wisdom of Solomon. The book of James tells us that if we lack wisdom and ask God for it, He will certainly give it.

I want nothing but the wisdom of God to work in and through Trump during his presidency, and I don’t want to hinder that by adding to the voices of hate. I understand where the disdain is coming from, I really do, but we can’t say “Love Trumps Hate” if we do the exact thing to Trump what we claim he does to the American people.

In order to fulfill the law of God according to Romans 13:8, we must love our neighbor. That includes a President who is dedicating four years or more of his life to serve this country. That includes the person who says unsavory things and has plans that you might not agree with.


We’re not better than him if we choose to hate him rather than love him. And by love, it doesn’t mean go nuts and pretend like he’s the best person in the world.

It means to constantly pray for him. It means to refrain from lashing out at him through social media. It means to speak in kindness towards him and hope that God’s will be done through him.

We do not love him because he deserves our love, but because that’s what Jesus’ unconditional love requires of us.

Donald Trump is our President. But we are still the people. And this is still America.

He is not our last hope nor is he the end of hope. Hope is God, and He should always be the one we look to to better this country, no matter who’s in office.

As we’re still very much a part of the next four years, I challenge you to ask God for the wisdom to guide you, and give you the heart to love someone who may be difficult to love.

God bless you and God bless America!


Click the link for an insightful poem by J.ournal! You Didn’t Vote For TRUMP – Or Did You?


Post-Grad Life: First Month

Walking across that stage and taking my diploma in hand was one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever had. Getting a college degree is an accomplishment that not everyone can claim. I can now tell the world that I’m a college graduate, but having said that, the title comes with a little weight.

Well, a lot of weight. The weight of the world, actually.

Even though I’m just a month in to this whole graduated, time-to-make-a-life-for-yourself season, I’ve learned a few things that I thought I’d share for those ready to knock on Graduation’s door.

1. It’s freeing

Honestly, college life was awesome, but being done with school is amazing. You don’t have to worry about research papers, straight A’s, credit hours, classes, and tests in the near future. Papers  I write, are papers I want to write. Books I read, are books I want to read. I can drink coffee at night because I enjoy an evening hot beverage not because I have to stay up late finishing homework assignments. It’s wonderful!

2. You can’t avoid the “what are your plans?” question

I know we mean well (I say we because I’ve asked it too), but it’s not a graduate’s favorite question. When you don’t have something specific lined up, it’s like answering how to harness a star out of the sky. The best thing to do is to have a logical, standard answer that doesn’t leave you babbling or sounding like you have no idea what’s going on. It’s a challenge, I promise.

3. Job Applications are the devil.

As you’re thrust into adulthood, you have the daunting task of filling o547129796ut what feels like 1000 job applications. In doing that, you create a resume, you write and rewrite cover letters, and then you either receive rejections or no answer at all until you finally get a job. If you’re lucky, all that work will be for the job you actually want. Just another yucky part of the working world that you simply have to buckle down and accept.

4.You will have self doubt

When you have dreams and goals to pursue, one of the biggest obstacles you will face is doubting you’ll ever reach them. We live in such an instantaneous society that the need to be successful yesterday sometimes clouds our judgement of reality. Your dreams will take time, perseverance, and hard work. You have to remind yourself that you are capable and that with God, you can handle anything.

5. People will give you advice

You will get a lot of suggestions from well-minded people. It may be overwhelming and confusing at times, but it’s best to listen to the advice from people who have experienced a lot more of life than you. Take it, listen to it, and apply it when you can. Don’t think that you can figure it all out yourself. You will quickly learn otherwise.

6. God is in control

“The Lord of hosts has sworn: “As I have planned, so shall it be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand…”

Isaiah 14:24

He knows your life a week, a month, a year from now, and He knows what He wants for you. If both your desires are on the same path, you can trust that He is in control of what’s best for you.

Jesus is the only true comfort I have as I go through this season of uncertainty, and I know He isn’t planning on leaving me anytime soon.

Searching is tough, not knowing is tough, figuring out a plan is tough. No one ever promised it would be easy, but as a friendly gentleman at the gym told me, “God has a plan before you have a plan.”

The road will probably get harder, but I know I can always trust in God’s plan.

God Bless!


Jeremiah 29:11

Escaping Shadows

By Leah Jordan Meahl



These are the things I’ve come to know,

The Sun sets in the west, in the east it will rise,

But with abounding light lies a shadow.


When hope dwindles, the spirit sinks below

Into a cavern deep, dark, dry.

These are the things I’ve come to know.


As summer ends, the air swirls cold,

An earth yearns for color and is denied,

But with abounding light lies a shadow.


Peaceful days sense storms will follow,

And held back tears are painful cries.

These are the things I’ve come to know.


With snuffed dreams, nothing to show,

Life stuck frozen in fear and wondering why,

But with abounding light lies a shadow.


A fire needs just a spark to glow,

And a candle still warms a frosty sigh.

These are the things I’ve come to know,

But with abounding light lies a shadow.



Psalm 91:1

Trendy Christianity

Beautifully expressed! When we try to make Christianity “cool” we are sacrificing a part of what it really means to follow Jesus. Give it a read!


The Bible has no disclaimer saying “this might offend you, read with caution.” Similarly, this post will have no disclaimer at the end telling you that what you read is “to each his own.”

Let me tell you something, Christian to Christian, believer to believer. Maybe you are not a believer, but you have noticed this trend with your Christian friends. Here it is: WE (Christians) ARE MIRRORING THE WORLD.

What? Let me explain.

In trying to be inclusive and loving to everyone, which in itself is a good thing, we are becoming no different than the world around us, except for the big fat Christian label we place on ourselves. This is dangerous.

With that being said…listen. The church is not for us. It is not a sanctuary for ourselves. The church’s purpose is to glorify the Most High, the Father of the Universe, the…

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When You Fail at Your New Year’s Goals

New year, new you.

New weight goal.

New job goal.

New reading goal.

New personality goal.

The list of new resolutions is endless around this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with setting up goals to achieve, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with striving to be a better person. These are biblical concepts because even Jesus had goals to achieve before heading to the cross, and He has even more goals to conquer before He returns.

This year has so much in store for you, and I want you to get the most out of it as possible. That being said, here is my advice for what you can do to help with that new you.

Take some time in the morning to spend with God. 

Plain and simple. He is the one who provides for us day after day, year after year. Through all of the ups and downs, resolutions and failures, He is there wanting you invest the time He’s given you in your relationship with Him. After all, He is the one that does the work in you so that you can become a better you.


And so I am sure that God, who began this good work in you, will carry it on until it is finished on the Day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6

Specialists say that eating a good breakfast can help you get through the day. Your average person may say a strong cup of coffee is the best way to start your morning. While I partake in both of these, I think God is the best source of energy, and there’s no better time like the peace and quiet of the early morning to power up.

So what are some things you can do in the morning?


1. Read the Bible

Spending time with God requires the Word of God. It is the ultimate way of getting to know Him.

2. Read a devotional

Some of my favorites are: Jesus Calling, God Calling, and Our Daily Bread. You can also find some websites that provide devotionals like Desiring God and Proverbs 31 and Christian Devotion Ministries. Don’t forget to check out the appstore to see what kind of daily devotionals they have to offer as well.

3. Pray

Talk to God. Tell Him about the day you had yesterday, or the one you’re going to have. Share your thoughts, concerns, and joys with Him. No detail is too trivial for our Heavenly Father.

4. Take notes

Jot down some thoughts or questions from your time in the Bible. Write down a list of your daily blessings. Write out encouraging Bible verses for you to hang onto throughout the day.

5. Worship

Put in your ear-buds and sing some soft praises while making your morning coffee or breakfast. Blast the Christian station on your way to school or work to give you an uplifting boost.

6. Remember

He is in control. He loves you. He wants to be with you. He is teaching you. And He will never leave you.

 It’s okay to fail.

I won’t hold it against you if you decide to skip a day at the gym and go to a Chinese buffet instead. I won’t hold it against you if you are rushing one morning and forget to read your Bible.

God won’t hold it against you either. He is there to help you reach your goals, to encourage you to keep going, and to pick you up when you fall.

With each failure comes the possibility for success. 

Don’t be discouraged when you lose motivation, or when you look at the long list of failed attempts. It’s so easy to be absorbed in self-pity and to want to give up, but you can’t finish the race without having to crawl out of the mud every now and again.

Join me in starting your year off right. Share your resolutions with me, I would love to hear them!

God Bless!