leah-headshot-2016-2My name is Leah Jordan Meahl. I’m a graduate of North Greenville University where, as it says in the slogan, “Christ Makes the Difference.” That certainly rings true for me because throughout my college career, God worked great things in my heart.

In school I concentrated in Writing and Theatre, two passions of mine for most of my life. I first realized that I wanted to write when I was 13 years old and hashed out my first “novel” in two weeks. For years I have been cradling many ideas while learning to hone my craft in order to pursue my dreams of being an author. I would really appreciate your prayers throughout my endeavors.

I grew up within a thriving community of theatre. My first big role, Brigitta in The Sound of Music, made me realize how much I love acting and singing. My family, all heavily involved in theatre, has helped me grow into the performer I am today.

I started this blog in 2014 after journaling for a year on God’s involvement in my life. I realized that I wanted to share how I’ve grown and the things I’ve learned from God to help and inspire others. My hope is for you to better understand the workings of our Heavenly Father in your life and to live in deeper relationship with Him.

God bless!


∼James 4:8∼



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