About Me

DSC_0805 (3)My name is Leah Jordan Meahl. I grew up as a home-schooled kid. Looking back, I believe God was teaching me at a young age how to be ‘set apart’, even if the world thinks that you’re strange. Fast forward twenty years, and though I’m not home-schooled, God has made sure that I’ve stayed peculiar.

I’m a graduate of North Greenville University where, as it says in the slogan, “Christ Makes the Difference.” That certainly rings true for me because throughout my college career, God worked great things in my heart. My life changed when Jesus became my priority.  The more I challenged my relationship with Jesus, the more opportunities He gave me to love and care for others.

In school, I concentrated on two of my passions: Writing and Theatre. I first realized that I wanted to write at 13 years old when I hashed out my first “novel” in two weeks. My writing has always been my processing tool and my medium of ministry even when I didn’t realize it. If my writing does anything for anyone, I will make sure it always points to God. For years I’ve been cradling many ideas while learning to hone my craft. Every day I get closer to my dream of being an author. I would really appreciate your prayers throughout my endeavors.

I grew up within a thriving community of theatre. My first big role, Brigitta in The Sound of Music, made me realize how much I love acting and singing. Shout out to my family, who has helped me grow into the performer I am today. While I was yet finding myself, I would escape into another person, typically someone bold and brave. All the while, God was preparing me to overcome my fears, so I could stand before your eyes and lead with His 18157216_10156072419163502_1211689561565713207_nmessage.

Finally, I started this blog in 2014 after keeping a journal for a year on God’s involvement in my life. I realized I wanted to share how I’ve grown and the things I’ve learned from Jesus to help and inspire others entering into adulthood like me. My hope is for you to better understand the workings of Jesus in your life, to live in a deeper relationship with Him, and to walk according to the purpose He has laid out for you.

God bless!


My life verse


“Draw close to God and He will draw close to you”

∼James 4:8∼




5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Last year I read the life-changing book Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. It was a very painful, hard read, but one that God was using to remind me that He would never set me aside, rather, that He set me apart so He could me more of Him, and I could respond to Him. Understanding this was part of the healing that He was orchestrating in my life. Being ‘peculiar’ is beautiful and it is that very quality in you that God will honor and reward throughout your life. As you seek Him first and keep Him at the center of everything, you will find Him singing over you with affirmation and with joy. Be patient. God is NEVER late. He is faithful; He is always on time.

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