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The Threshold

A career driven Julie tries to hang on to the falling pieces of her life. As a last resort, she decides to escape into the mountains to find peace and return with a fresh start. Her plans quickly change however, when she stumbles into an old gentleman named Simon. Simon, a God-fearing man, makes Julie an unusual offer that takes her on a journey to a threshold. There she must make a choice, knowing her life will never be the same. On the one side, she can stay safe and comfortable. The other side holds promise, but it may require her to sacrifice something she loves. Will she choose to cross the threshold?


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Pebbles: 31 days of faith-enriching parables

Pebbles is a collection of modern parables that follow Jesus’s creative and concise way of impactful storytelling. From fantastical to relatable, discover the truth woven through the many thought-provoking symbols and illustrations. Used as a devotional tool and/or Bible study guide, Pebbles encourages all kinds of Christians to explore their faith and test it at the standard Jesus set through His own everlasting example.



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