In the Field

By Leah Jordan Meahl


Down the concrete bleachers I bound

Finally thankful that no one’s around

The evening air is cool and damp

As I follow the glowing streetlamps

Passing through a chain link fence

Leaving behind a world so intense

Now I am all alone

Channeling a realm unknown

I speak to the air and let it drift away

Like a message in a bottle to be found someday

Though in the silence I feel a presence like no other

That’s peaceful and warm like the arms of a mother

I circle and circle leaving my trail

Of glistening footsteps telling my tale

Oh how often I circle this field

Having no worries with God as my shield

I gaze up at the moon and stars above

Just bathing the power of His love

It is here that I come to rest in Him

When the world starts to make my light grow dim

It is here I find Him who makes me whole

His hand healing the ache in my soul

I bid the moon and stars goodnight

Knowing that Jesus is holding me tight

Until next time to the field I go

To my sanctuary, there’s no better place I know.


Published by Leah Jordan Meahl

I'm just here to cheer you on your journey! But more specifically, I'm encouraging you to deepen those roots and grow in the knowledge, the faith, and the love of Jesus the Messiah.

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