Dead End

By Leah Jordan Meahl


I walked with You

I squeezed through the gate

And dug my heels in the path before me

One foot in front of the other

You marked my way with Your trail of breadcrumbs

Of flower petals made of silk

You made my bed in the luscious pasture

And filled my cup with the still waters

I stumbled from You

Like a lost sheep

I peeled the blinders from my eyes

And ignored the signs

That told me the path was going to end

I paid no attention, I didn’t much care

My curious eye ready to offend

Knowing soon I would turn around again

You stayed with me

You whispered in my ear

This is the way, walk in it

From whom shall I fear?

You smiled at me and filled my soul

With rest from the maze of lies

Your truth insists that though I may leave

I will always find You again.


Published by Leah Jordan Meahl

I'm a Christian author here to share with you my journey not only as a writer but also most importantly as a Christian who seeks to grow in faith and honor God in all that I do.

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