When You Fail at Your New Year’s Goals

New year, new you.

New weight goal.

New job goal.

New reading goal.

New personality goal.

The list of new resolutions is endless around this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with setting up goals to achieve, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with striving to be a better person. These are biblical concepts because even Jesus had goals to achieve before heading to the cross, and He has even more goals to conquer before He returns.

This year has so much in store for you, and I want you to get the most out of it as possible. That being said, here is my advice for what you can do to help with that new you.

Take some time in the morning to spend with God. 

Plain and simple. He is the one who provides for us day after day, year after year. Through all of the ups and downs, resolutions and failures, He is there wanting you invest the time He’s given you in your relationship with Him. After all, He is the one that does the work in you so that you can become a better you.


And so I am sure that God, who began this good work in you, will carry it on until it is finished on the Day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6

Specialists say that eating a good breakfast can help you get through the day. Your average person may say a strong cup of coffee is the best way to start your morning. While I partake in both of these, I think God is the best source of energy, and there’s no better time like the peace and quiet of the early morning to power up.

So what are some things you can do in the morning?


1. Read the Bible

Spending time with God requires the Word of God. It is the ultimate way of getting to know Him.

2. Read a devotional

Some of my favorites are: Jesus Calling, God Calling, and Our Daily Bread. You can also find some websites that provide devotionals like Desiring God and Proverbs 31 and Christian Devotion Ministries. Don’t forget to check out the appstore to see what kind of daily devotionals they have to offer as well.

3. Pray

Talk to God. Tell Him about the day you had yesterday, or the one you’re going to have. Share your thoughts, concerns, and joys with Him. No detail is too trivial for our Heavenly Father.

4. Take notes

Jot down some thoughts or questions from your time in the Bible. Write down a list of your daily blessings. Write out encouraging Bible verses for you to hang onto throughout the day.

5. Worship

Put in your ear-buds and sing some soft praises while making your morning coffee or breakfast. Blast the Christian station on your way to school or work to give you an uplifting boost.

6. Remember

He is in control. He loves you. He wants to be with you. He is teaching you. And He will never leave you.

 It’s okay to fail.

I won’t hold it against you if you decide to skip a day at the gym and go to a Chinese buffet instead. I won’t hold it against you if you are rushing one morning and forget to read your Bible.

God won’t hold it against you either. He is there to help you reach your goals, to encourage you to keep going, and to pick you up when you fall.

With each failure comes the possibility for success. 

Don’t be discouraged when you lose motivation, or when you look at the long list of failed attempts. It’s so easy to be absorbed in self-pity and to want to give up, but you can’t finish the race without having to crawl out of the mud every now and again.

Join me in starting your year off right. Share your resolutions with me, I would love to hear them!

God Bless!





Published by Leah Jordan Meahl

I'm a Christian author here to share with you my journey not only as a writer but also most importantly as a Christian who seeks to grow in faith and honor God in all that I do.

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