“In lipstick and hiking boots, Julie travels up the mountain to escape her life. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s about to discover a man who holds the power to transform her identity forever.”

In my last post I wrote about my experience at my first writer’s conference. If you’d like to check it out, here it is: More than a Writing Conference

At that conference, I was given a chance to work on a succinct description of my current novel so that I could give an effective pitch to future parties that may be interested. I was able to put that pitch into practice and by the grace of God, it went better than I could have imagined. My hope is that I can gather enough interest so that one day my story will make it to your eyes sooner rather than later.

My novel, currently over 35,000 words, will soon go into its third draft, tightening loose ends and striving to make the plot flow cohesively. It’s been quite the process so far, but I am so excited about the end product. God has helped inspire and guide me each step of the way as I pray over each chapter and each element that goes into it. I hope that those of you who support me will pray for God’s will as well.

A verse that stays in my mind throughout this entire process is Psalm 37:4-5 which says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your ways to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.”

My love for writing has been a desire in my heart since I was a pre-teen. During my high-school and college life, my go-to line was “I just want to write books.” Well, now is the time to put my money where my mouth is. Now is the time to commit to the Lord, trust Him, and watch Him work.

For those of you who are interested in the project I constantly say I’m working on, and to prove that these many hours in front of a computer screen are producing something, I’d like to share a sneak peek of my current novel entitled Over the Threshold.

Below, I’ve included a brief summary of what you can expect from my story. Enjoy!

CrossingthethresholdWith church long in her past and a career in her future, Julie finds herself trying to hang on to the falling pieces of her life. As a last resort, she decides to escape into the mountains to find peace and return with a fresh start. Her plans quickly change, however, when she stumbles into a wise, old gentleman named Simon. Simon, a God-fearing man, makes Julie an unusual offer that takes her on a journey to a threshold. There, she must make a choice, knowing her life will never be the same. One the one side, she can stay safe and comfortable. The other side holds promise, but it may require her to sacrifice something she loves.

Will she choose to cross over the threshold?

I hope you’re intrigued, and I hope that you will join me on this journey as a new writer. I would love your feedback. What interests you? What do you like to read about, especially in Christian fiction? Would you like updates and more sneak peeks on this project?

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers. Stay tuned so we can cross over the threshold together!

God bless!



Published by Leah Jordan Meahl

I'm a Christian author here to share with you my journey not only as a writer but also most importantly as a Christian who seeks to grow in faith and honor God in all that I do.

3 thoughts on “Cross OVER THE THRESHOLD With Me

  1. This story sounds familiar 😉 ! So excited for you my friend! I can’t wait to see this work on shelves and Amazon! God’s got great things in store!

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