Reclaimed: Interview with Author Gina Stinson

I love getting to connect with new authors and Gina is one you won’t want to miss! As someone who also loves devotional writing, I’m so excited to share Gina’s newest release with you!

Here is my interview with Gina Stinson about her upcoming devotional Reclaimed: The Stories of Rescued Moments and Days that releases THIS WEEK!

Welcome Gina!

What can readers expect from Reclaimed: The Stories of Rescued Moments and Days?

Reclaimed is a sixty-day devotional, inviting readers on a daily devotional journey where Jesus is the rescue hero of every story. Each easy to read, humorous and hope-filled devotion encourages readers to gain the victory over their own set of life circumstances. Hope in Jesus Christ resounds through each story, bridging the hearts of the discouraged and down-trodden to the heart of the good Father. 

You’ll find:

  • 60 truth packed storytelling devotionals
  • 100+ stop and reclaim Scripture passages
  • A reclaim today journaling spot
  • One-minute tips for reclaiming your days
  • Links to free online resources from the author

What inspired you to write it?

After years of living in fear and defeat, I finally got tired of the enemy getting the victory! Reclaiming God’s Word as the foundation of my life—as the loudest voice I hear— has given me the confidence to walk in the truth of who God is and who I am.

As I began looking back on my life through the lens of God’s Word, I began seeing a theme over and over—God could take what the enemy meant for evil and he could turn it for my good and God’s glory. Giving those circumstances over to him released me to be able to reclaim and thrive every day.

Why did you choose 60 days?

After mom-blogging for many years, I had more material than you could imagine to work from! I began perusing the stories of my life and was astounded at the faithfulness of God. As I began piecing together some of my favorite and lifechanging moments, I saw that God was scraping together a beautiful story that would point others straight to him.

I began thinking of devotionals that I had successfully read myself and most of them were 30-60 days—a manageable length for those who want to start a devotional regime or want an encouraging pick-me-up with solid truths to lean on throughout the day. This devotional is designed for a Monday-Friday read. If readers read Monday- Friday they book will be completed in three months.

What about the writing process did you enjoy the most?

The actually writing portion of the book is my favorite part. Re-living the events of my life has been humorous and healing. As with most people, I’ve had my share of sad moments and happy moments. As I wrote about each of those moments, I was reminded over and over and over again of the goodness and faithfulness of God and others in my life. It was encouraging and inspirational.

It was also fun sharing some of my childhood with my own children. When I came across a story I thought they would enjoy, I shared it with them. We had so many fun moments reminiscing about my upbringing!

How did the process of writing this devotional affect you personally/spiritually?

The writing process was extremely humbling. There were things I needed to take care of as I wrote the book—confessing past sins, forgiving myself, forgiving others. It was a revealing process and I am changed because of the journey.

There was a moment that I remember breaking down and in tearful gratitude thanking God for allowing me to have this opportunity to share his story. While the humor and the hurt are all mine, the real message of the book is the hope and healing that God’s provides. I think I re-learned that lesson a hundred times in the writing process.

Born and raised in the deep south, where accents melt your heart like butter on a biscuit, Gina’s gift of storytelling drips off the written page. Her hospitality welcomes readers into real, truthful, honest conversations about God.

Gina was raised in Georgia and homeschooled by her parents— before homeschooling was cool. In college, she earned a degree in Education and Bible. She’s put that degree to good use homeschooling her own children and teaching elementary school throughout the years.

In between raising kids and teaching, Gina has enjoyed serving with her husband, Bruce, in full-time church ministry for 27 years in Texas. She’s been involved in women’s ministry, music and children’s ministry. She’s served her fair share of hotdogs and pizza at youth lock-ins.

These days you can find her writing on her own website blog, in Journey Magazine, Pathways to God Devotional and other online and print publications. She is also a contributing author to Yvonne Lehman’s Anthologies, Remembering Christmas, Pandemic Moments and Divine Moments.

A few of her favorite ways to pass the time are crocheting, playing piano, crafting and spending time with her family at home. She also enjoys browsing small-town markets and fairs.

Reclaimed: The Stories of Rescued Moments and Days will be available through Amazon on October 15.

You can connect with Gina on all her social media outlets:

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Or Email her at:


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