5 Steps to Spiritual Wellness

As I was perusing my Physical Fitness textbook, I marveled at the insights it gave into what they call “wellness.” In this case, the text explained how society can keep themselves well and healthy. Among sleep, stress management and your typical diet and exercise, it also mentioned a spiritual factor. The more I read theContinue reading “5 Steps to Spiritual Wellness”

5 Steps to Eliminate Your Golden Calf

What is your idol? Many Christians shrug off the first and second commandment by thinking, “Well I don’t bow down to any statue so I’m good to go.” Unfortunately, there is a reason God makes such a big deal about idolatry in the Bible and since the Bible is a guide directed toward Christians, itContinue reading “5 Steps to Eliminate Your Golden Calf”

These are the Stepping Stones

Last week my family took a trip to Ft. Lauderdale for our family vacation. Through a week of relaxation and plenty of beach time, I had a reoccurring thought, “God never takes a vacation.” Each and everyday our Heavenly Father speaks to us and reveals His presence in our lives whether it be through anContinue reading “These are the Stepping Stones”