Love is Drinking water from the mouth of Hades. A liquid flaming gold, Scooped from the river of fire itself. ¯ The lava leaves burning scars on my lips, My soul is but melted rock, Indistinguishable. My insides boil, Bubbling red until The heat, no longer contained Erupts. ¯ Molten tears race down my skin,Continue reading “Unquenched”

Starlit Path

by Leah Jordan Meahl   He told me: “I am the moon.  If you want to make footprints on my surface or bathe in my radiance, First follow the starry path I’ve laid out For you.”   They fell before me, marking the way. On each one I stepped, Leaping and landing on the sparklersContinue reading “Starlit Path”

Feeding Desire

By Leah Jordan Meahl   A tight embrace to melt the edge of loneliness To feel a beating heart—a lullaby desire.   The brush of skin, though not my own Full of life, of breath, I cry desire.   Asleep, awake, my thoughts are captivated By your face, though blurry, O thy desire.   YouContinue reading “Feeding Desire”

2016: The Year of Half Staff

By Leah Jordan Meahl   For the dove flies on, Leaving a trail of red below The flag—at half-staff.   Streams of fire replace the stars, Across the sea sees the fading glow, For the dove flies on.   The heart strings are drawn, As the fabric hangs low, The flag—at half-staff.   A proudContinue reading “2016: The Year of Half Staff”

Ode to the Moon Beam

By Leah Jordan Meahl   O majestic watchman of the night, Whose soft iridescent glow transfixes, Stops me dead in awe of your sight, No eye can avoid your captivating presence. The world’s lighthouse, brilliant and true Takes gentle care of what lies in darkness. Each sundown reveals your face anew, Big, bright, and beautifulContinue reading “Ode to the Moon Beam”

Escaping Shadows

By Leah Jordan Meahl     These are the things I’ve come to know, The Sun sets in the west, in the east it will rise, But with abounding light lies a shadow.   When hope dwindles, the spirit sinks below Into a cavern deep, dark, dry. These are the things I’ve come to know.Continue reading “Escaping Shadows”