Forever Enamored

By Leah Jordan Meahl


The arrow flies

Striking perfectly,

A poisoned tip of desire

Pierces skin,

Seeping into blood

That pumps life

Now strangled.



In a pit.

Face glistens. Hot.

Chest constricts. Heavy.

The ladder to climb out

Has no end.

A Sonnet to Self

By Leah Jordan Meahl


How wonderful it is to be so rich,

With beauty like a precious stone of quartz,

And shine with light so glittering and clear.

No one can hardly stand but notice you,

Your steps so strong and eyes that rise above

It all. The Sun marks clear the way before you,

Even the Sun, the Moon, the stars bow down,

The crescent moon smiles brightly at your face.


But though, when earth hangs still and stops its turn,

When pleasure wrought with fleeting specks of dust

Then drift away amidst its fruitless praise,

What’s left but dreams and visions long past due?

The glory, spent as with a heavy sigh,

Could be avoided ifβ€”myselfβ€”deny?


Matthew 16:24


Dead End

By Leah Jordan Meahl


I walked with You

I squeezed through the gate

And dug my heels in the path before me

One foot in front of the other

You marked my way with Your trail of breadcrumbs

Of flower petals made of silk

You made my bed in the luscious pasture

And filled my cup with the still waters

I stumbled from You

Like a lost sheep

I peeled the blinders from my eyes

And ignored the signs

That told me the path was going to end

I paid no attention, I didn’t much care

My curious eye ready to offend

Knowing soon I would turn around again

You stayed with me

You whispered in my ear

This is the way, walk in it

From whom shall I fear?

You smiled at me and filled my soul

With rest from the maze of lies

Your truth insists that though I may leave

I will always find You again.

In the Field

By Leah Jordan Meahl


Down the concrete bleachers I bound

Finally thankful that no one’s around

The evening air is cool and damp

As I follow the glowing streetlamps

Passing through a chain link fence

Leaving behind a world so intense

Now I am all alone

Channeling a realm unknown

I speak to the air and let it drift away

Like a message in a bottle to be found someday

Though in the silence I feel a presence like no other

That’s peaceful and warm like the arms of a mother

I circle and circle leaving my trail

Of glistening footsteps telling my tale

Oh how often I circle this field

Having no worries with God as my shield

I gaze up at the moon and stars above

Just bathing the power of His love

It is here that I come to rest in Him

When the world starts to make my light grow dim

It is here I find Him who makes me whole

His hand healing the ache in my soul

I bid the moon and stars goodnight

Knowing that Jesus is holding me tight

Until next time to the field I go

To my sanctuary, there’s no better place I know.