Losing Weight: Body or Soul?

The two areas in my life that call for my attention and constantly undergo total resets are the disciplines of losing weight and spending time with God. Maybe you feel the same? Losing weight seems to have a negative connotation, but we all know it’ll ultimately be for our good. Similarly, being a Christian has certainContinue reading “Losing Weight: Body or Soul?”

True to Your Heart or Your True Heart

If I were to take a special X-ray of your heart–not the one that pumps blood but the one that dreams and feels–what would I find? I asked myself that question and decided to paint the results. When I examine my passions and dreams, I see a performer who runs after goals, who hopes for love, and whoContinue reading “True to Your Heart or Your True Heart”

How To Get Through One of Those Days

Is it just me, or does everyone have one of those days where they feel like a pathetic loser? You know those days. Those days when you’re getting ready for work, eating breakfast, or driving and you’re just plagued by everything you haven’t accomplished, everything you don’t have, and everything that hasn’t changed in yourContinue reading “How To Get Through One of Those Days”

What Happened on September 23rd 2017?

The world didn’t end. Whenever someone claims that the world will end, the mocking begins because we know better. Or do we? You only need to know one verse in the Bible to know these people aren’t right. “No one knows the day or hour…” (Matt 24:36) So what was the significance of that specificContinue reading “What Happened on September 23rd 2017?”

4 Addictions Christians Ignore

“I struggle with pornography.” “I have a problem with alcohol.” “I can’t stop smoking.” These statements often result in prayer and intercession, counseling and possibly rehabilitation. Christians have a heart to help the people who fall into these addictions, because God wants His people to overcome them, right? If that’s the case, shouldn’t that includeContinue reading “4 Addictions Christians Ignore”